Hunter’s Project Update

This is the start of my first large project in 2016. It’s going to be a three-part build consisting of an exterior balcony, exterior railing, and an interior railing leading down the staircase. It should provide an interesting challenge in that the stair’s ironwork will have to be built to fit within custom wooden rail caps. The bid has been accepted and work has started. I have already created Sketch-Up images to help me in visualizing the construction and knowing the dimensions. This week will consist of forging the exterior rails together.

3D Rendering of the exterior landing and steps.

3D Rendering of the exterior balcony.

3D Rendering of the interior railings.

3D Rendering of the interior staircase.

After the 3D models have been created, I cut out wood models to the correct size to take back to the shop for measurements.

Here is a wood model for the steps leading down to the first floor.

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