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Our limited production ironwork segment specializes in producing quality ironwork in designs that can be scaled. This isn’t a custom division but the projects are all made with quality material and subjected to our quality standards. Rather than creating a unique piece from scratch, you will select from some of the most popular options.


Our limited production architectural ironwork division offers quality work, at a standardized price, in less time.


Offer great design and quality at scale.


Everything built in the limited production sector is chosen from a catalog of popular options. While this isn’t custom, it does give us the ability to create a quality piece in much less time.

Design Options

Feel free to contact us to see what different design options are available to you. All of the options are made from quality steel and the final product is assembled in our shop.

I’ve been a builder of fine custom homes for 20 years now in NW Arkansas. I’ve never seen anyone as professional and detailed as Dave. He’s the only American to serve on the UK blacksmith board and his work can be seen all over the world. He can do anything, and I mean anything with iron. He’s done several staircases for my clients and for my personal home as well as front doors, gates, and balconies. His work is simply amazing and affordable.

Lee Scarlet, Celtic Construction Inc.