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Our store was created out of the desire to bring custom forged ironwork to the end user at a very low price point. Maybe you don’t want a $30,000 handrail at the moment, that’s fine. How about a $90 fireplace tripod. By forging these simple items, our skills and creativity stay sharp and you get something unique at bargain prices.

Camping Cookware

Check out our hefty fire tripods.  These are hand forged and built to last.  Unlike something you purchase at a supermarket, these tripods will give you years of reliable service without fail.  These would make a great gift to anybody interested in old-school cooking techniques.

Disk Bottle Openers

We also offer unique, hand forged bottle openers.   No two are alike.  This is sure to provide some bragging rights when spending time with friends over a brew.

Traditional Bottle Openers

These traditional bottle openers are all hand forged and solid as it gets.  They are sure to provide you with a reliable tool whenever you need to open a brew.  They fit comfortably in your pocket.

I’ve been a builder of fine custom homes for 20 years now in NW Arkansas. I’ve never seen anyone as professional and detailed as Dave. He’s the only American to serve on the UK blacksmith board and his work can be seen all over the world. He can do anything, and I mean anything with iron. He’s done several staircases for my clients and for my personal home as well as front doors, gates, and balconies. His work is simply amazing and affordable.

Lee Scarlett, Celtic Construction Inc.